Vitamins and Minerals 101 Premium

Right now I am very narrowly focusing on completing Vitamins and Minerals 101.

This is a 30-day course designed to bring someone from "beginner" to "intermediate" level in learning about vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids. Although it's free of technical jargon and thousands of beginners are loving it, many scientists, clinicians, dietitians, and other health professionals are finding each lesson to be a great refresher and to always have at least one hidden gem that they didn't know about, often something game-changing for their practice.

As a Masterpass holder, you get access to the premium version, which is loaded up with great features:

  • Immediate access to the first 29 out of 30 lessons (the last three are still being made), all neatly organized within a dashboard, instead of getting one per day sent by email or Facebook message.
  • Keyword search across the lessons. This is a great way, for example, to see all the lessons where I mention a specific diet, like carnivore, vegan, low-fat, or paleo; to see all the lessons where I've mentioned a specific food, like nutritional yeast, liver, or kale; to cross-reference all the lessons where I've mentioned one nutrient influencing another; or to find something you remember me discussing but can't remember where.
  • Downloadable PDFs in two versions. One has page numbers and a table of contents that references the page numbers; the other has links where you can click to navigate to each section. This allows you to read the lessons while offline, and it allows you to keyword search and navigate much more easily than those only enrolled in the email or Facebook Messenger versions of the class.
  • Click through subsections of each lesson on the web site. Again, much easier navigation. This is especially useful if you are looking for something specific in a lesson you've already read, or if you prefer to always skip to certain locations, such as the conclusions or the food recommendations.
  • All the lessons are neatly organized in a single location.